LINCARES Net 17 Aug 2011

1)    KE7HTU, Jim Wilson, EC / NCS
2)    AE7AI, George Livingston, AEC
3)    K7CPO, Glen Day, AEC / Net Manager / NCS
4)    N7YPT, Lynn Geissler, AEC
5)    K7BFL, Don Felgenhauer, STM / CPO / PacTor
6)    KE7IAT, Gary Roth, Spokane PIO
7)    KE7ADL, Russ St.Germain
8)    W7CHZ, Myron "Mike" Root
9)    KF7GAU, Lori St.Germain
10)    KE7MDW, Leanne Wilson
11)    K7OSO, Larry Kottke
12)    N7OSO, Shirley Kottke
13)    N6PGY, Betty Lathrop
14)    WB7QMD, Dale Lathrop

1)    KF7QER, Jeremy, Two Rivers
2)    KB7NBQ, Bob, Reardan
3)    KD7WVG, Randy, Spokane ARES
4)    KF7NAW, Jon Knapp, Mondovi
5)    WB7ASC, Ron, West Plains
6)    KE7TUR, Steve, Mozamma

Announcement: Glen K7CPO
All ARES / RACES Members, Mark your calendars on 17 September for the Grand Columbian Triathlon. We will need "everyone" to cover this event. It appears, along with last year's course on SR-174 we will also need to cover Almira to Electric City on SR-2 and up Banks Lake for the Bike Course.

Next Week's net control: Glen K7CPO
Net Closed at 19:41L
73, K7CPO, Glen


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