QST, QST, QST. This is Net Control Station [ call ]calling the Lincoln County Amateur Radio Emergency Service Net. This is a directed net, meeting every Wednesday at 1930 hours local time on the Lincoln County Repeater Association's Repeater at a frequency of 147.04 MHz. All stations are invited to check in.  The purpose of this net is to provide information and coordination concerning the joint activities of Lincoln County’s Amateur Radio Emergency Service and Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service. It is also intended to serve as a weekly emergency net operations training session.

All stations standby for check-in. Be advised that STATIONS WITH EMERGENCY TRAFFIC MAY BREAK IN AT ANY TIME. All other stations, please observe proper procedure for any transmission. Visiting stations will be invited to check-in after the call for ARES/RACES members.

This is Net Control Station [ call ] now calling for ARES/RACES officials:

Lincoln County Emergency Coordinator and RACES officer:

Lincoln County Assistant Emergency Coordinators:

ARRL District and Section Officials:

ARES/RACES officials from surrounding counties:

This is Net Control Station [ call ]. Standby for ARES/RACES member check-in. Check-in will be ordered alphabetically in groups by call sign suffix. When checking in, list any traffic, contacts, reports, bulletins and announcements, then hold for direction from Net Control. Any station needing to leave the net immediately after checking in, please advise Net Control and wait to be excused. Now calling for ARES/RACES members:


GOLF through LIMA


TANGO through ZULU

Now calling for any visitors: please respond with your call, name and location.

Are there any additional traffic listings?

This is Net Control Station [ call ] Stations that have listed traffic, standby:

Stations with Bulletins and Announcements:

Stations with formal written traffic:

Stations with contacts:

Is there any additional traffic of any kind?

This is Net Control Station [ call ], now calling for late or missed check-ins:

ALPHA through MIKE


Last call for traffic of any kind:

Good evening and thank you all for checking in. This net meets every Sunday at 1845 hours local time. This is Net Control Station [ call ] closing the Lincoln County Amateur Radio Emergency Service Net at [ time ] hours.

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